Rural holiday home at the Ebro Delta

Rest, peace and stillness for your body and mind

We welcome you to Villafeliche, a unique rural house inside a unique space: the Ebro Delta

Rural House
  • Located inside a Mediterranean forest valley.
  • One hectare of Olive,  Almond and Cypress gardens.
  • Capacity for 4 people.
  • With all the comfort of an own house in a rural house.

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Yurta Mongola
  • Circular 40m2 tent made of ecologic materials.
  • Made with low environmental impact and sustainable equipment.
  • Traditional house of nomad Mongolian people.
  •  Offers you an original stay. Unforgettable!

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Villafeliche, located in Camarles (Garrofer Bord), includes all the advantages that make a rural cottage an idyllic place to spend a few days of well deserved rest. Its desirable location, its architectural features, its cosy furnishings, its friendly atmosphere, its range of activities, its varied gastronomy… all invite you to enjoy your stay.

  • 6 km far from National Road N-340.
  • 8 km far from Ampolla, a nice fishing village.
  • 12km far from the Natural Park of Ebro Delta.
Organic orchard

If you are among those who yearn for the peace and quiet of natural surroundings, Villafeliche does not disappoint: olive trees, cypresses and almond trees thrive surrounded by greenery in a valley with horizons of immense blue waters; pure nature. That’s not all: in Villafeliche we have an organic vegetable garden; seasonal produce grown upon the basis of respect for the natural cycles and weather changes. A delight to the palate of those who enjoy the fruits of the earth.

  • Our clients can enjoy the vegetable production directly from the orchard during their stay.

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Yoga workshops
  • Villafeliche rural holiday home offers Yoga workshops on request.
  • We offer relaxed weekends of Yoga in a place that invites you to relax and meditate.
  • Workshops given by a profesional Yoga and natural therapies teacher.
  • Therapeutic massages service.

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Other activities

The restless spirits, thirsty for new experiences, will find in the Villafeliche rural holiday home the answer to that curious facet of themselves thanks to the many leisure and culture offers we organize: yoga therapy, traditional fishing, boat rides, diving and snorkelling, watching vultures and birds of prey, oil and wine tasting, to name a few of a long list.

Enjoying these and dozens more activities designed to suit everyone’s tastes in the Ebro Delta, with its own ecosystem and a priceless fauna; and then retiring to the calm of a rural holiday home like Villafeliche, is a completely unforgettable experience.

The Villafeliche rural holiday home in the Ebro Delta is synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment, well-being and tranquility.

Villafeliche never leaves visitors unmoved because it represents all that is sought after as the paradigm of quality of life: an environment in touch with nature, enviable views and scenery, excellent and varied cuisine, enriching leisure activities, an endless cultural heritage …

The Villafeliche rural holiday home in the Ebro Delta offers you a slice of heaven on earth to enjoy.

The Villafeliche rural holiday home in the Ebro Delta is synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment, well-being and tranquillity.

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