Love brought me to the Delta

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Love brought me to Delta, and I responded with an even greater love.

As the poet said, “The South Also Exists” and from here walked my steps.

And I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what lay beyond, and I was afraid of what my eyes beheld south of the South.

The Delta and the southernmost regions of Catalonia were giving me their secrets slowly. Discover a land of contrasts. And I could understand that the water defines these lands.

The Ebro, the ubiquitous river Ebro, accompanies you on every move, thought, feeling …

This river is already delivered to the sea in these lands, entertains us with friendly climate and houses people with deeply rooted traditions.
Love brought me here, and like all good love the Delta and these lands, every morning you remember, that however much you know about this place, however much and has given you, the best, the most beautiful, yet to discover .