Guided Tours

Clients can arrange tours with all the activities offered on this website by booking in advance. Contact phone numbers will be provided upon request.

Oenotourism with Wine Tasting of Terra Alta Fine Wine. Celler Piñol – Batea

At 400 metres above sea level, this winery has a commitment to quality. They are the proponents of an eco-friendly procedure without the use of herbicides, fully pampering their vineyards. They also concern themselves with the natural environment and with imparting the very culture of wine in each of their bottles. The winery is in the old part of the medieval town of Batea, with centuries-old walls and personal mementos of their ancestors. Their wines are all limited edition, produced especially for exquisite palates and connoisseurs. Their wines have won prizes in international tastings and are present in the main guides.

Mel-Muria Apiarian Interpretation Centre. El Perelló2. (2)

Muria. Apiarian Interpretation Centre is an innovative initiative created by SAT Perelló Beekeeping Ltd. – Mel Muria, aimed at spreading the culture and heritage of the world of honey and bees. The centre offers a tour inside the bee world through several areas where new technologies allow visitors to study bee-keeping in greater depth using various interactive and educational facilities. The centre offers educational workshops where you can go and watch the hives where the bees live and learn about their behaviours. The centre has a store where you can taste all the different types of honey and you can see a live hive and a honey fountain.

Tour of Mistral-Bonsai. Europe’s largest exhibition of Bonsai Trees. Camarles3.

Mistral Bonsai began in 1986 as a company specialising in the bonsai sector. It has Europe’s largest private collection of ancient bonsais with more than 200,000 bonsais of 150 different species. You may admire the Bonsais of Japan and other Far East countries, as well indigenous Mediterranean species and trees, such as our olive, fig, apple, orange pruned into small bonsais. Mistral-Bonsai also offers all kinds of oriental decorative articles.

Dramatised Tour of Tortosa with the Jewess of Tortosa4.

In the famous Plaza of Paiolet in Tortosa, Blanca the Jewess of Tortosa gives a dramatised tour that lets people experience the daily life of the Jewish community of Tortosa and explore the labyrinth of streets and alleys that form the old Jewish quarter. While Sephardic melodies resonate at the end of the evening tour, the epilogue of the day will be held in the castle of Suda, now a luxury hotel, with stunning views of the Ebro river and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Tour of the Oleum Olive Oil Interpretation Centre. Tortosa

Come to the world of olive oil and olive trees with oil tastings and an interpretation centre. This museum is located in the old Nomen flour mill in Tortosa and has two exhibition floors. It speaks in depth about the mythical and sacred tree that is the olive tree and about the large production of olive trees that are in the Ebro Territories in La Senia. On the first floor they inform you of the cultural and ecological aspects of the world of the olive, and the second floor exhibits the traditions and culture of olives, their oil and their tastings around the world, as well as their health benefits. They also offer a technical room to hold workshops and oil tastings of oil where the diverse varieties of oil of Catalonia are sampled.

Visit to the Ebro Observatory. Roquetes6a.

The Ebro Observatory is a research institute founded in 1904 to study the Sun-Earth relationship. Over the years it has excelled in the study of telluric currents, atmospheric electricity, seismology, solar and geomagnetic activity, the terrestrial Ionosphere and climate change. During the guided tours you can observe the sunspots visible on the Sun’s surface with the coelostat.

The Ebro Observatory is governed by a nonprofit foundation that belongs to the Ramon Llull University (URL) as a University Institute and has been associated or coordinated with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) since its founding.

Evening meals and stargazing in the Summer. Roquetes5.

Its location and gardens have made the Observatory a unique space with a century-old history and a historical and scientific legacy of incalculable value. In the summer dinners are held in the gardens where you can also appreciate the universe through their telescopes.

Temps de Terra. Amposta8.

Tend to an ecological garden and buy organic vegetables. This is an agricultural and livestock project with a large ecological vegetable garden in the Val de Cabiscol Finca. The Temps de Terra project has created a self-sufficient and chemical-free farm, and have opted for the homoeopathic method, which allows them to offer in their restaurant foodstuffs with high nutritional value, while also respecting environment. They combine homoeopathy as a biostimulant that strengthens the crops and makes them more resistant to pests and diseases, with biological pest control and vegetation cover.
It has a very unique restaurant surrounded by animals and nature in its purest form.

Traditional or La Paupa Fishing in Sant Carles de la Ràpita9.

Fish with your own two hands in the Alfacs Bay. The Alfacs Bay is surrounded by the Punta de la Banya Nature Reserve and the Trabucador isthmus. The fishing boats leave from Sant Carles de la Ràpita.
The waters of the Delta are very rich in nutrients making them a perfect habitat for many species of fish. A years-old tradition, this type of fishing, known in the area as la Paupa, consists of netting a shallow area of water, leaving the boat and catching the fish hiding in the sand with your own hands. An unforgettable experience! Afterwards you can eat your catch of the day in the restaurants on the harbour, if prearranged.

Swimming with Tuna. L’Ametlla de Mar

The Tuna Tour Experience is a trip aboard a catamaran that departs from the port of L’Ametlla de Mar, an unforgettable voyage to the the Balfegó Bluefin Tuna pools, located 2.5 nautical miles (almost 5 kilometres) accompanyied by the beautiful coastal landscape of Costa Dorada and the Ebro Delta. Once in the pool, you can swim surrounded by hundreds of Mediterranean Bluefin tuna. During the voyage, you are shown a specially created audio-visual presentation on the history and fishing techniques of the giant tuna, as well as the process of commercialisation of the Bluefin tuna in Balfegó through traceability.

Riet Vell Nature Reserve. La Tancada, Ebro Delta11

Observe the birds of the Ebro Delta. Learn about the 316 species of birds that come to the Delta each year.
Riet Vell is a demonstration project for sustainable development that SEO / BirdLife established in the Ebro Delta which involves combining organic rice-farming and the recovery of natural wetland habitats, with the standards of applied research. This project favours the protected species and also the maintenance of the environmental and landscape quality.
All activities are carried to fruition by the staff, members and volunteers of SEO / BirdLife and Riet Vell SA of the regions of the Ebro Delta. Within the Reserve there is an viewpoint where you can observe different kinds of mallards, coots, purple swamphens, moorhens, egrets and many other species. Bird ringing is also performed, for control.

MónNatura. Amposta12

Explore the ecosystems of the Delta and observe them from a 360º viewpoint. It was created to allow visitors to take a trip that combined land and sea, freshwater and saltwater, fish and unique birds… Situated on the Tancada Lagoon, in a unique location with dense wildlife, MónNatura allows us to discover a natural environment of enormous wealth in one of the largest wetlands in Western Europe. It has won a Catalan Responsible Tourism Award in the category of best management of natural heritage and environmental protection through tourism and also the 2013 Ebrenca Quality Award in the category of urban intervention in outdoor spaces for the restoration of the salt flats of the Tancada lagoon.

Observation of Vultures and Birds of Prey. Valderrobles

Get to know these predators from less than 10 metres away and feed them in a controlled environment. Mas de Buñol, in Valderrobres, is a unique observatory of vultures and a very interesting experience. You have to arrange the visit in advance.
The Mas is located on the outskirts of Valderrobres, and reached by a short walk along a forest track. It has been renovated and converted into an observatory of these birds, who come every day to eat in the area.

The tour lasts about an hour and a half, and it is important to remain silent and move slowly so as to not disturb the animals.