Other Activities

▪ Mountain Biking Routes

One of the most well-known bike routes in the Ebro Territories is the Vía Verde, a trail based on a disused railway.
It’s a slightly sloping path that runs along the old tracks via Val de Zafán, past old stations and through tunnels. Most of the tunnels are lit. The route passes through the towns of Baix Ebre: Tortosa, Roquetes, Aldover, Xerta, and Benifallet; and through the Terra Alta region: Pinell de Brai, Prat de Comte, Bot, Horta de Sant Joan, and Arnes.

Price: 25 €

▪ Yoga and Meditation Therapy

At Villafeliche, you can do Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Acroyoga in small groups (maximum 10 people). They are practised whenever the weather allows.
The sessions take place on a wooden deck surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean forest, to the unique soundtrack of nature. We also offer meditation retreats, which are one of the key tools for inner transformation.

Price: 30 €

▪ Segway Trails

On a Segway, you can enjoy various parts of the Delta, from the village of Benifallet in Ribera del Ebro to the most famous fortifications of Tortosa. The experience of driving this vehicle is very rewarding because it is fun and very easy to use. Powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, it gives you great autonomy and allows you to see everything first-hand from a raised position.

Price: 50 €

▪ Boat trip on the Ebro River.

This boat ride is from Deltebre to the mouth of the Ebro. It is a very enriching experience, as you witness the fresh river water fusing with the Mediterranean Sea.
During the trip, you can appreciate the sights of the Isle of Buda and the Garxal lagoon, one of the best known in the area due to the number of bird species that nest there.

Price: 20 €

▪ Traditional Fishing in the Alfacs Bay

The Alfacs Bay is surrounded by the Punta de la Banya Nature Reserve and the Trabucador isthmus. The fishing boats leave from Sant Carles de la Ràpita.
The waters of the Delta are very rich in nutrients making them a perfect habitat for many species of fish. A years-old tradition, this type of fishing, known in the area as la Paupa, consists of netting a shallow area of water, leaving the boat and catching the fish hiding in the sand with your own hands. An unforgettable experience!

Price: 35 €

▪ Stand Up Paddlesurfing

An offshoot of surfing also known as stand up paddleboarding, this new sport is practised in various places around the Delta as part of courses given by a school in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. This sport has its roots in Polynesia and is now booming in our country. Here in the Delta it is acquiring many new followers.

Price: 30 €

▪ Birdwatching

The Ebro Delta offers us an unparalleled site for the observation of almost every kind of bird. With a surface area of 320km2, the Delta is a landscape with great biological richness united with an invaluable diversity of flora and fauna. There are many observation points around the lagoons of l’Encanyissada, el Garxhal and la Tancada.

Price: 25 €

▪ Trail Riding

You may enjoy horseback riding on the Ebro Delta, going along the Eucalyptus beach of over 20km of fine sand, or in the mountains of the Serra del Montsià.

Price: 18 € (for 1 hour) or 25 € (for 2 hours)

▪ Canyoning

We offer a wide range of the most beautiful ravines existing in the Natural Park of the Ports de Tortosa-Beseits, with special mention of the highly-requested Canaletes ravine.

Price: 50 €

▪ Scuba diving in L’Ametlla de Mar

In L’Ametlla there are several coves of incredible beauty, with highly visible seabeds. A lot of these bays are accessible from the beach, although there are also dives with Zodiac boats to visit the five submerged wrecks that are a few kilometres from the coast.

Price: 35 €

▪ Kayak down the Ebro

Navigating with the kayak is probably the best way to get close to nature in a boat. The slow pace at which it travels allows you to admire the surroundings with absolute tranquillity and security, as well as being a fun and exciting way to discover natural areas inaccessible by other means.
I experienced in person the magic of the final stretch of the Ebro, when the river embraces the sea. It was like no other route, simply unique.

Price: 50 €