The Vines of Villafeliche

In the wine tasting, not only the palate is used to sample but the smell and sight.

Hence, the ideal place for tasting should be well lit, airy, quiet, devoid of odor and average temperature.

Bed Villafeliche offers an idyllic setting to enjoy a tasting of silence surrounded, according to the types of wine to be tasted Mediterranean nature.

The wine tastings offered in Villafeliche use the method, which uses oenology to explain the aromas and flavors offered by our wines.

In our tasting we learn that the last thing to note is the label, bottle or environment where it comes from, but we have to do is get carried away by what our impressions tell us, closing his eyes, to understand the odors perceive our nose, palate and tongue so we can taste the wine we tried untainted by external factors.

A variety of grape that is necessary to know in terms of white wine or red wine we taste. The detailed below so that the customer can better understand the wines proving the cottage Villafeliche.

Grapes of red are:

  •     Cabernet Sauvignon .- Raspberry, strawberry, green pepper, licorice, leather, fruit and snuff.
  •     Merlot .- raspberry and blackcurrant, cocoa, snuff, pepper, vanilla and leather.
  •     Tempranillo .- raspberry, currant and prune, vanilla, leather and cocoa.
  •     Pinot Noir.- violet, cherry, pepper and blackcurrant, truffle, licorice and cinnamon.

The White Grapes are:

  •     Chardonnay Tropical fruit, peach, apple, hazelnut, butter and vanilla.
  •     Garnacha.- raspberry, licorice, hay, pine and currant, licorice.
  •     Riesling.-lemon, honey, apricot and peach.
  •     Sauvignon Blanc.- fig, gooseberry, lychee, orange, apple and perón.
  •     Parellada.-apple, citrus and honeysuckle.

Qatar is in the wine taste carefully, appreciating and expressing their strengths and weaknesses.

In Bed Villafeliche offer tastings for groups from 4 persons:

Price per person and tasting: 20 €

(Includes tasting 5 varieties of wine High Land or Montsant or Priory + appetizer tasting).