What is Glamping ?

Glamor + camping = Glamping

It is to camp in contact with nature, but in luxurious tents, with all the details and amenities of a 5 star hotel.

This trend, which is already being taken up by more than 10 million people each year, has become a miracle of imagination; bringing a ‘hotel’ to the field for curiosity-seeking urbanites to stay in unique and original sites.

The glamping offers bucolic activities in which the traveler will find a friendly and peaceful countryside, with comfortable weekends around the fire, sleeping under the stars, with the sound of crickets and owls in the background.

The practice of this new form of tourism emerged in the early twentieth century with wealthy travelers from Europe and America who were camping in Africa without wishing to give up their lavish lifestyle, staying in camps that offered them the advantages and facilities to they were accustomed.

So glamping is a trend that attracts all travelers regardless of their status.

This new tourist rage is happening all around the world, traditional tents have given way to the Indian teepees, Mongolian yurts or lodges, tastefully furnished and equipped with comfortable beds, private bathrooms with amenities, hot water and soft towels.

No excuse to enjoy nature up close! .

For accommodation in Yurts, the experience is unforgettable as they are circular houses, like those used by nomads in Mongolia, but put up as a hotel room, are hand-painted and decorated in a contemporary ethnic style. They have their own fireplace and feature a circular roof from where you can see the starry sky dome.

The glamping is grouped within the so-called Ecotourism is the protagonist of this type of facility where the stay is always complete with rides to places of breathtaking scenery.

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