It is an ancient technique designed to expand our consciousness. Through Kundalini Yoga, we access our own inner potential. We bring balance to our very being, mental faculties, emotional energy and physical structure, aligning them within our body. With Kundalini Yoga we open ourselves up to our own nature. This type of Yoga allows us to reinforce our immune system and keep our glands healthy, as well as activating our circulation.

Kundalini Yoga make us feel at peace, through glands like the pineal gland. This master gland is the principal seat of the soul and lets us access the reserve energy of our body, found near our solar plexus. This energy from our own navel connects us with Mother Earth, and as such Kundalini Yoga offers us the opportunity to experience who we really are. It allows us to set priorities in both our inner and outer worlds, it helps us to achieve balance and integrity in all aspects of our life.

Kundalini Yoga provides us with a mental state in which we are aware of our very selves, and it awakens the energy that resides within us to make us more conscious of the outside world.

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Hatha Yoga is a slow and gentle form of Yoga, consisting of comfortable movements and postures. It is a suitable Yoga for beginners. The objective of this kind of Yoga is to unite the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is a technique that has existed for several thousands of years; it arose so human beings could achieve a higher state of consciousness, in which we forget the Ego and are able to perceive the reality of the world that surrounds us.

The symbolic meaning of this form of Yoga is “Ha” “Tha”, meaning Sun and Moon, referencing the male (positive) and the female (negative), respectively, which control the energy current of each person, as well as that of any other body or object. By this, Hatha Yoga ascertains that we have both polar opposites within us. This is the essence of duality, a singular force that appears to include these two opposites. Therefore, based on this duality, nothing in this world would seem to exist without its opposite.

Hatha Yoga focuses on the human body and its objective is to attain the balance of positive and negative energy currents in the body. Therefore, most of its techniques are physical and consist of purifications, asanas (postures), bandhas (gestures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). When through these methods the body has been purified and has found balance, meditation becomes an easy exercise, allowing you to expand your consciousness.

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At Villafeliche we practice Acroyoga, a variety of Yoga that mixes traditional Yoga asanas with acrobatics. This kind of Yoga emerged in San Francisco, USA.

It is a Yoga that must be practised in pairs; gender is not important, but the couple must complement each other. The person who lies down on floor as the base should provide strength, safety and solidity. The person who does the acrobatics, or the flyer, should be flexible and have some experience practising Yoga, using the feet or hands of their partner as their support.

This type of Yoga, through fluid and rhythmic movements, brings the practice of Yoga to the air.

In the air, the flyer performs typical postures of traditional Yoga, such as the Bow Pose (dhanurasana), the Lotus position (padmasana), the Camel Pose (ushtrasama) and the Headstand (shirshasana).

As a matter of fact, the meaning of Acroyoga is ‘union in the heights’, from the Ancient Greek ákros (“highest, at the extremity”), and the Sanskrit yoga (“union”).

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